January Roundtable Meeting

One of the organizers of our Cedar Valley Civil War Roundtable, Sherman Lundy, will present our program. Battle leaders and their approach to battle will be discussed. He will included their strategies, battle theories and hit and run tactics. Frontal vs flank assaults will be examined as well as direct confrontations.

Lundy, active in Iowa Sons of Confederate Veterans, has been an infantry reenactor for many years. He has participated in events in several states. Since he is employed as a geologist at Basic Materials Corporation, Lundy naturally has an interest in rocks, fossils and earth science. Each summer he digs for dinosaur fossils in Montana. Lundy has fostered and encouraged youngster's interests in geology through his Boy Scout work and STEM advisory committees. Rounding out his interests are conservation, model railroading and gardening.

SPECIAL NOTE: This meeting will start at 7:30 pm and is being held at Windridge, 5311 Hyacinth Drive, Western Home Communities, Cedar Falls. Directions: take South Main Street south past the intersection with Greenhill Road, towards the Western Home complex. Turn left on Iris Drive and go to intersection with Bluebell Road; turn right on Bluebell and follow around to the front of Windridge.

Upcoming Events

We have a number of interesting programs and events being planned around the area. 

Check out the details here.

Some Interesting Past Events...

Civil War Forum Information and Slide Show

The Roundtable and the Western home presented a forum on Saturday, January 12, 2013. 

We had special displays, great speakers and a bunch of colorful characters.  Altogether a great day.

Check out the details here, including a collection of photos from the event.

Lee-Jackson Dinner - Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Iowa Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, in cooperation with the Staff at the State Historical Society Museum and in conjunction with the Civil War Display in the Museum, presented a program entitled Iowa and the Confederacy and How the South could have won the War or possibly achieved its Independence.

 This event was held on Saturday, January 19th, 2013 at the Historical Society Museum in Des Moines. 

Check out the details and some photos here.

Some Stuff You Might Like...

Civil War Covers Collection

Jim Petersen, a Roundtable member, has an extensive collection of historic Civil War patriotic covers (envelopes) that he has generously made available for our enjoyment.

 Click here to view more about Jim's special collection.

Interesting Document from Museum of the Confederacy

Here's an interesting item we found on the Museum of the Confederacy website. Each month they feature a Document of the Month from their archives. This one is from May, 2012.

James Robert Montgomery Co. A, 11th Mississippi Infantry, and later detailed to the Signal Corps, serving with Major General Henry Heth: Written  May 10, 1864 this blood stained letter from Montgomery in Spotsylvania County, Virginia to his Father Allen V. Montgomery informing that he has been mortally wounded and expressing his desire to be re-interred in his home state of Mississippi. From Museum of the Confederacy Document of the Month.

Check out the PDF at the bottom of the page for document-click on the arrow on the far right and select "open".

By way of explanation, Company A of the 11th Mississippi Infantry was from the University of Mississippi at Oxford. Two of my second great grand uncles were in Company B and probably got to know James Montgomery on the long trip from north Mississippi to Virginia. As you can see from their battle flag in the PDF, they saw and experienced a lot.

When my time comes, I hope I have the strength and courage of James Robert Montgomery...--Charlie

Interested in the Civil War...

About the Cedar Valley Civil War Roundtable

The Cedar Valley Civil War Roundtable started in 2001 by 15 area residents who shared a common interest in the Civil War. Since that time membership has grown and includes members from several communities. 

We are interested in all areas of the Civil War, people, places, battles, events, along with the impact of the war in Iowa and the Cedar Valley.

Programs are presented by the membership or guest speakers with lively and thought provoking discussions. 

Our interests range from specific battles to weapons, period dress, civilian and military personnel medicine, photography, innovations, politics and social concerns.

We meet at 7:00 PM the third Thursday of the month from September to June in:

    Veterans Memorial Hall
            104 West Fifth Street
            Waterloo, Iowa

Click here for driving directions.

The Roundtable offers an excellent opportunity to add another dimension to your Civil War interest or specialize in a particular area in this fascinating period of history.

We invite you to join us. Membership dues are $20 annually and includes 10 issues of our newsletter.

The membership application form is here, along with driving directions. 

For more information, click here to contact us by email or call Sherman Lundy (319) 266-1185 or Jo Porter (319) 984-9268. 

Special Announcement...

The Iowa Monument at Vicksburg National Park

Here is information regarding the Iowa Monument at the Vicksburg Battlefield.

About the Monument

Tom Gaard from the Des Moines Roundtable sends along information concerning a project to restore the Iowa Monument at the Vicksburg National Park. Mr. Gaard also maintains a website sponsored by the Sons of Union Veterans that provides information on Iowa's Civil War monuments.

Here is Tom's message about the Vicksburg Project.

"The Iowa Monument at the Vicksburg National Park was dedicated November 15, 1906 with Governor Albert Cummins, General Grenville Dodge, legislators and many old Civil War soldiers in attendance. It was funded by the State of Iowa.

The monument has great artistic content with a distinct equestrian statue in front of the monument and six bronze bas relief sculptures of Iowa soldiers in battle scenes in the Vicksburg Campaign. Many visitors are moved by the monument and marvel at the quality of the sculptures by artists Henry and Theo Kitson.

Iowa had over 30 regiments at the siege of Vicksburg (almost 70% of our enrolled troops) and its soldiers and sailors fought and died here in what was a great victory for the North. It opened up the Mississippi River and cut off Confederate troops in the West. 

The National Park Service plans a major ceremony on the 150th Anniversary on Memorial Day, 2013. The Iowa Monument will be the focal point of this ceremony and re-dedication.

Additional Information

Here is a link to an article in the Waterloo Courier from this past September about the project featuring Roundtable member Jeannine Johnson.

This link takes you to the Vicksburg monument on the Sons of Union Veterans site.

We also found a copy of the program for the dedication of the monument in 1906. It's included as a PDF at the bottom of this page-click on the arrow at the far right and select "open"

Charles Lott,
Jun 21, 2012, 11:06 AM
Charles Lott,
Jan 4, 2012, 5:00 PM