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15 Mar 18--March Roundtable Meeting

"Battle of Chickamauga" by Ward Zischke 

A native of Cedar Falls, Zischke is a Civil War reenactor and Command Historian, 88th Regional Support Command, Ft. McCoy, WI. He holds a history degree from UNI and earned an Army Commission through UNI ROTC. His experience with Louisiana State Parks and the US Army has given him opportunities to study various aspects of military history, including staff rides at several southern battlefields. He currently assists Army Reserve units with their lineage, unit history, historical programs, historical property and documents and reunions.

The Battle of Chickamauga, 19-20 Sep 1863, was the first major battle fought on Georgia soil and ended as a significant defeat for Union troops. Union troops formed the Army of the Cumberland  under Maj. Gen. William Rosecrans and the Confederate Army of the Tennessee was under the command of Gen. Braxton Bragg. A cat and mouse game was waged for two days as the troops maneuvered over wooded terrain around Chickamauga Creek.

Zischke's expertise in describing advances, maneuvers and the obstacles the soldiers faced, will help us understand the outcome of this battle. The casualty rates were high for both sides and the battle ranks second to Gettysburg.

The meeting will be held at Veteran's Memorial Hall, 104 West Fifth Street, Waterloo. The hall is located on the west side of Waterloo, between the Cedar River and the parking ramp.

19 Apr 18--Annual Roundtable Dinner Meeting

"The Sacred Cause of Union" by Tom Baker

In his book published in 2016, Baker profiles six Iowans-- three well known and three that never became famous-- and their experiences during the Civil War. Arrangements for the meeting are pending.

17 May 18--May Roundtable Meeting

Terry Lindell, from Wartburg College, will present information on Captain Thomas Drips who served in Company E, 27th Iowa Infantry.

21 Jun 18--June Roundtable Meeting

David Surdam will present information on "The Union Navy" or the "Importance of Cotton"

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