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20 February 20- February Roundtable Meeting

Annual Book and Media Discussion by Steve Olsson

As we enter the 155th year after the War Between The States ended, new books continue to grab our attention. In the late 19th century most volumes focused on battles, strategies, commanders and others in leadership roles. Now there are volumes devoted to specific aspects of the war-- cannons, rifles, gunboats, medicine, life and survival on the homefront, and life in prison, to name a few.

Join us in our annual discussion of books read by members. The book does not need to be a recent release-- an old edition might become a new discovery for someone else. Steve Olsson, manager at Waterloo's Barnes and Noble, will lead the discussion. He will include new releases and books available on Kindle, Nook or iPad.

We will have a brief business meeting at 7:00 PM and then the book discussion. The meeting will be at Veteran's Memorial Hall, 104 West 5th Street, Waterloo, between the Cedar River and parking ramp. Use the ramp entrance. Dress warm as Vet's Hall can be chilly.

GOOD BOOKS-- They're like the world's most engaging people, all just waiting to meet us... to tell their stories, explain things we want to know, take us places we want to go. Author unknown

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