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Interesting Facts About Iowans in the War

Interesting Facts About Iowans in the War

Over 76,000 Iowans, nearly half of the military aged men, served in the war. In proportion to its population, Iowa provided more troops than any other state.

48 regiments of infantry, 9 regiments of Calvary and 4 batteries of artillery were supplied.

Southern Iowa furnished men for the Confederacy who had to go to Missouri to enlist in the Confederate Army.

Iowa also raised volunteer regiments under the Corps d'Afrique designation.

13,001 Iowans gave the supreme sacrifice for the Union. 3,450 were mortally wounded in battle or subsequently died from wounds; 515 died as prisoners of war; 448 died of accidents and 8,498 died of disease.

Twelve Confederate guerrillas entered the Bloomfield area in October, 1864, raiding farms, stealing horses and money. Three settlers were killed. Another raid that November resulted in one more settler's death.

In the Battle of Athens, Missouri in 1861, cannonballs landed on Iowa soil near Croton.

Cedar Valley Involvement

Third Iowa Infantry Regiment

Lincoln calls for 75,00 troops after Fort Sumter

Kirkwood responds

Cedar Valley volunteers

3rd Infantry Regiment Historical Overview

3rd Infantry Regiment Roster **

**Note: We have a Google book that lists the members of 3rd Infantry. For each soldier there is quite a bit of personal information. See the example page below. 

The difficulty is that the listings are alphabetically by all the Companies from A through K. Company K is the Cedar Valley Company. So we need to transcribe the list of 100 or so names for the Company K men and officers.

Now, I personally find this information interesting, but I'm not sure the rest of you feel that way. And, I don't have time enough to transcribe these names and do the other website work. So I need some help with this task.

If you can help with transcribing these names and the other Cedar Valley units please let me know