Family Connections...

Much like our common interest in the Civil War connects the group of folks that come from all walks of life who make up the CVCWRT, the War connected our ancestors in places and on battlefields across the south. Using the information from the Service Records Project, we illustrate these connections in the posts below. 

Since our mission states "We are interested in all areas of the Civil War, people, places, battles, events, along with the impact of the war in Iowa and the Cedar Valley", we will show how the people of Iowa and the Cedar Valley share the connections of place and events as well.

Helena, Arkansas and Friars Point, Mississippi... 

Situated 70 miles downriver from Memphis and 230 miles above Vicksburg, Helena, Mississippi was a busy agricultural and commercial center--home to about 1,000 people when it was taken over  and occupied by Union troops under the command of Major General Samuel Curtis on July, 1862.

Three CVCWRT members had ancestors in the Union Army that were stationed at Helena or participated in the Battle of Helena on 4 July 1863.

Twelve miles downriver is Friars Point, Mississippi. During the Civil War, Friars Point was occupied by Union forces and served as a major staging point for the Union forces.

CVCWRT member Charles Lott's third great grandfather, Francis M. Montroy settled here with his family in the early 1830's. The family prospered and when the war came there were four Montroy families in and around Friars Point. Click here for more information.