Helena, Arkansas- Three CVCWRT members had ancestors in the Union Army that were stationed at Helena or participated in the Battle of Helena on 4 July 1863.

The 33rd & 36th Iowa Infantry Regiments arrived there on the 13 January 1863 and went into camp a mile south of the town. About a month later, they would participate in the Yazoo Pass expedition and on 04 July 1863 they fought in the Battle of Helena.

 The 40th Iowa Infantry Regiment arrived in Helena after in the Battle of Vicksburg and stayed on until mid-August when they move into Arkansas to capture Little Rock.

The 3rd Iowa Cavalry arrive in Helena in May, 1863 on their way to the Battle of Vicksburg.

Twelve miles down river is Friars Point, Mississippi. In 1836, Francis M. Montroy, Sr. and Robert Friar received two Land Patents for a total of 196 acres of land that would become Friars Point. Francis Montroy, Sr. is the third great grandfather of CVCWRT member Charles Lott

During the Civil War, Friars Point was occupied by Union forces and served as a major staging point for the Union forces.

General William T. Sherman and Admiral David Porter were sent under the orders of General Ulysses S. Grant to rendezvous at Friar’s Point. Forty-five Union gunboats as well as transport steamboats arrived there on their way to Vicksburg, assembling some 20,000 troops in preparation for the attack.